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Pamella's Place News!

OK, I've been bursting to share incredible news! As you know, Phil and I have been very careful to insure that, not only will Pamella's Place continue to supply all your sewing interests, but that the high standards for caring for each of you would not only be maintained, but also filled with fresh excitement.

Linda Gardipee will become the new owner in the next month or two with the amazing support of Jen and Cinda. And yes, Linda will be hiring!

The Bernina brand will be carried forward, too. Joe Gasparich, the fully certified service technician will be running the service department, just as he has been standing alongside Phil for the past several years. Joe actually helped train Phil at Bernina when we became Bernina dealers over 25 years ago.

It is my sincere hope that I will reach a healthy state so that I can do some teaching. There is no way that Phil and I can fully let you know how much we have loved being part of your lives, and the best part is that we can continue with that. Simply put - an exciting new chapter!

In gratitude, Pamella & Phil